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Moldova experiences third wave of migration, of young people

The Republic of Moldova is confronted with the third wave of migration and, what is more dramatic, is that it goes to the migration of young people. Almost 35% of the young people who began to study at a university in Moldova in 2019 didn’t complete the studies as they chose to go abroad. The data were presented by economist Veaceslav Ioniță, IPN reports.

“Out of the 12,700 young people who entered the university in Moldova in 2019, only 8,300 or 65% completed the studies in 2022. It doesn’t go to academic performance. The 4,400 young people simply decided to continue their studies and life outside the country. This refers to one class alone and to only a three-year period,” stated Veaceslav Ioniță.

The economist reminded that the first wave of migration, of 2000-2005, was called the “poverty wave”. Then the people went abroad to solve the survival problem. The second wave, of 2015-2018, was the “wave for a better life”. Those people were no longer in extreme poverty, had satisfactory incomes and most of them were aged between 30 and 45. They were formed people with families who left in search of a better life, where there are also roads, schools, hospitals and infrastructure, besides high paying jobs, which is the wellbeing ensured by the authorities. After 2018, we have witnessed the third wave of migration, of the young people, who leave en masse, while studying and after studies. Ten years ago, only 24% of the young people of university age were aboard, but now the figure stands at 40%.

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