MPs of Șor Party demand to return to bills on mobile and social drugstores

The members of the parliamentary group of Șor Party insist that the initiatives to establish mobile drugstores and social drugstores should be included again in the Parliament’s agenda, be debated and adopted, IPN reports.

MP Reghina Apostolova in a news conference called on her colleagues not to criticize the bill and to come up with suggestions for improving it. According to her, this concept is extremely important for the people in difficulty, for example, elderly people who move with difficulty and other inhabitants of settlements where there are no drugstores. There are 800 villages that do not have a drugstore.

Reghina Apostolova said the people need not only medicines, but also financial resources for purchasing them. The parliamentary group of Șor Party suggests creating social drugstores by the model of those opened in Orhei and Taraclia. The signatures of citizens in favor of opening social pharmacies will be attached to the proposed bill.

MP Maria Tauber noted that they will register again these bills and will demand that they should be included in the agenda as a matter of urgency.

In March, the Constitutional Court declared the legislative acts on mobile and social drugstores proposed by the MPs of Șor Party unconstitutional. The Court held that these changes imply additional budget costs analysis of the budget impact.

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