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National active and healthy aging program approved

Over the next few years, about 3,000 older persons will be supplied with assistive devices and technical aids. Also, basic social services for older persons will be created and extended in 50 localities. Community services and programs to mobilize the elderly will be initiated in another 50 localities. This is provided in the national active and healthy agingprogram for 2023-2027, which was approved by the Cabinet, IPN reports.

The document envisions the extension of the Cultural Voucher program for 5,000 older persons with reduced incomes. There will be initiated and implemented the support program for connecting and supplying with ICT equipment 25,000 older persons with reduced incomes. The digital skills of 5,000 older persons will be developed. The educational opportunities in the course of life will be extended by implementing the concept “The University of the Third Age”. The adjustment of support and culture programs for making them friendlier to older persons is another objective.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Protections said the objectives of the program are aimed at strengthening the efforts made by the authorities and institutions involved in the promotion of active aging and the integration of older persons into the social life and at developing social security, health and educational systems in correlation with the active aging principle.

The number of people aged 60 and above grew by over 4% over the past six years. These people now represent about 24% of the country’s population and the figure continues rising. By this program, the government aims to further develop social assistance, health, educational, cultural, sports and other systems to enable to realize the active and healthy aging potential, including by ensuring an inclusive labor market for all ages and active participation in decision making and community development and by developing digital skills.

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