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Nine potential candidates in Ungheni mayoral race

Eight parties that nominated their candidates and one independent candidate submitted their papers to the Ungheni Electoral Council on the first day of the submission period. Vitalie Vrabie expressed his intention to run independently and requested subscription lists to collect signatures from supporters. In the case of candidates nominated by parties, presenting signatures is not required. Eduard Balan, the candidate of the Coalition for Unity and Welfare (CUB), was preliminarily assigned the first position on the ballot paper following a drawing of lots. He is followed by Dionisie Ternovschi, of the Action and Solidarity Party (PAS). On the third position is Ghenadi Mitriuc, of the Socialist Party (PSRM), followed by Gheorghe Petic, of the DA Platform, and Nicolae Gaiduc, of the Communist Party (PCRM). The sixth position goes to Vasile Lupu, of the Party of Development and Consolidation (PDCM), followed by Ion Tîrsu, of the European Social Democratic Party (PSDE). And eighth on the ballot is Lidia Sanduleac, of the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (PLDM). The files can be submitted until October 6 inclusive. The electoral body has 7 days, from the date of the first documents for registration, to examine the files and decide on the registration or refusal of the candidates designated in the elections. Candidates for mayoral and local councilor positions in constituencies of first level (villages, communes and cities, except for Chisinau and Balti) may request registration starting September 29 and until October 6. The local electoral body then has 7 days to decide on the registration. Campaigning will be formally allowed for all candidates not earlier than 30 days before election day, that is, starting on October 6.

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