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Over 15% of Moldovans intend to move to another country during next three years

More than 15% of the country’s population intend to move to another country during the next three years. The people from towns are more inclined to do this than those from villages: 21% against 12.3%. More men intend to emigrate during the next three years than women, shows the Generations and Gender Survey carried out by UNFPA Moldova, IPN reports.

The study shows that in the 15-19 and 20-24 age brackets, about one third of those surveyed intend to emigrate during the next three years, while in the next two age brackets (25-29 and 30-34) – about one fourth. After 45, the figure falls under 9%. This figure among single persons and those with higher education is the highest. All the categories of employed persons intend to leave, less the pensioners.

In another development, the study revealed that household chores are an exclusive responsibility for women in Moldova. 82.6% of the women are primarily responsible for preparing food, 79.6% for cleaning, 88.6% for laundry. The number of men who are responsible for such tasks is ten times lower. Most of the men and women are satisfied with the way in which the responsibilities are divided in the household. However, fewer women are satisfied – 59.9% as opposed to the men – 77.7%. The level of satisfaction of women decreased by 7.2 percentage points during the pandemic.

Only 28.9% of the households have revenues to cover their basic needs. In about 24.4% of the families, the roles and tasks related to management of finances in households belong to the men, as opposed to 28.8% of families were women are primarily responsible for managing the money and paying bills. The largest part of the population anticipates that their incomes will not change during the next three years: 41%.

Of all the respondents, 72.3% live in individual and separate homes, 3% in common homes, while 23.8% in apartment buildings. In urban areas, most of the people live in apartments, while in villages – in individual and separate homes. About 7% of those surveyed said they live in rented accommodations. Most of the persons younger than 39 said they rent a home. Throughout lifetime, most of the people manage to purchase an own home. Therefore, the number of persons who rent a home after the age of 50 is lower.

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