Prices of gasoline and diesel fuel go down

The price of diesel fuel declines to under 21 lei liter. A liter of gasoline the next three days will cost at most 20.64 lei, down 0.20 lei. A liter of gasoline will be sold for 24.97 lei, down 0.24 lei. The National Agency for Energy Regulation said the prices were set according to the latest developments on the international market, IPN reports.

According to the Agency, during the last 14 days, the Platts quotations, which are used to calculate the price ceilings, decreased by US$109 per tonne in the case of gasoline and by US$79.5 per tonne in the case of diesel fuel, down about 11.9% and 10% respectively.

The appreciation of the national currency against the US dollar by about 0.24 lei in the period is another factor that contributes to lower final fuel prices.

The Agency assures the consumers that the current price calculation mechanism is very transparent and guarantees maximum accuracy when determining the fuel prices.

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