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Spring parliamentary session ends July 31

The MPs will come together for the last sitting of the 2023 spring session on July 31. In this, they will examine a number of bills, including the Government’s proposal to extend the state of emergency, IPN reports.

The agenda of the last sitting of the current session was supplemented by the Standing Bureau. This way, the MPs will give a final reading to the legislative proposal to improve the mechanism for the selection, assessment and disciplinary punishment of prosecutors and the draft law on the state tax.

They will also give a second reading to the legislative initiative to exempt trade unions and employers from paying the state registration tax, the bill on organic production and labeling of organic products and to the amendments to the law on the prevention and combating of domestic violence. The ratification of a number of agreements and the denouncing of agreements signed on the platform of the Commonwealth of Independent States will be examined in the second reading.

Parliament will give a first reading to the legislative proposal concerning the reformation of the social assistance system “Restart”, the bill on the energy performance of buildings and amendments to the law on state security.

The Parliament sitting on July 31 starts at 10am.

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