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Stoianoglo does not intend to quit, insists on Platon’s innocence

The prosecutor general is bewildered by the wave of criticism leveled at the institution he heads after controversial businessman Veaceslav Platon left the country. According to Alexandr Stoianoglo, no country leaving ban was imposed on Platon and this he does not return soon and does not appear before judges, he will be put on the wanted list. Furthermore, Stoianoglo made it clear that he will not tender his resignation as he wasn’t appointed according to political criteria.

After he was accused of behaving like a lawyer for businessman Veaceslav Platon, the prosecutor general said the charges of involvement in the bank fraud against Platon were dropped as it was determined that he wasn’t involved somehow.

“We did this in the interests of the law, not of Platon. I don’t think we can build a state with the rule of law by punishing innocent people. The investigations we conducted showed that the offense of which Platon was accused was committed by another person. This is Plahotniuc. Through the agency of the companies owned by Shor, Plahotniuc stole the money of which Platon is accused. We cannot indict Plahotniuc as long as the charges against Platon are valid,” Alexandr Stoianoglo stated in the program “The Fourth Estate” on N4 channel.

Stoianoglo is convinced that Platon will return to the Republic of Moldova as it is in the interests of this to prove his innocence.

“According to my information, Platon went to the UK. If he ran away, he did it to his detriment. He wasn’t banned from leaving. Therefore, I cannot understand why a citizen of the Republic of Moldova cannot freely leave and enter the country. If he does not return to the country, he will be put on the wanted list,” stated Stoianoglo.

The prospector general noted that he does not intend to resign after the Party of Action and Solidarity takes over as he won a fair contest staged by the Government and wasn’t named according to political criteria.

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