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Suspected case of sexual harassment at Tennis School. Ministry’s reaction

A commission of the Ministry of Education and Research is examining a suspected case of sexual harassment at the Specialized Tennis Sports School. According to preliminary information, the denounced coach was substituted at the classes in the group where the denouncement author studies. An internal inquiry was ordered, IPN reports.

The case was examined at the scene, in the school. The individual work contract with the coach accused of harassment was fully suspended today, the Ministry has said.

The case is being handled by the police.

The National Tennis Federation reacted, saying it is astounded by the alleged case of sexual harassment of a minor girl by her tennis coach. It expressed its indignation at the attitude of the Specialized Tennis Sports School’s director, who allowed such a reprovable case to happen and didn’t take measures to remove the coach from any sports activity involving minors until the inquiry is over.

In the same development, on its Facebook page, the Specialized Tennis Sports School wrote that it is bewildered by the hasty and unfounded conclusions of the Federation. According to the School, facts that enable to fire the coach haven’t been presented. The School’s staff regrets having been involved in such a scandal and condemns any type of abuse. The institution’s administration didn’t receive any official document from the investigation body and is waiting for the investigation results to come with a reaction based on evidence.

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