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Ukrainian Film Days staged in Moldova to assist refugees

The third edition of the Ukrainian Film Days in Moldova is held during May 3-5. This year, the proceeds from the screening of the five films will be transferred to the assistance center for Ukrainian refugees situated at 38/1 Drumul Viilor St in Chisinau to support this and also for assisting the Ukrainian film industry in times of war. The films will be shown in the Artcor and Mediacor halls in Chisinau, IPN reports.

The event will start with the documentary “Blue earth, like an orange”. This was highly appreciated at international festivals and relates the story of Ana, a single mother who, together with her four children, lives in a front line town in Donbas. The family decided to make a film about their life and the way in which they perceive the war. The film appeared in 2020, but many of the episodes remain topical – the peaceful population’s reaction to the shelling, methods of driving away fear, the necessity of teaching children how to react to an unexploded shell found at home.

The film “Mariupolis” will be screened on May 4. This was highly appreciated at festivals held in Berlin up to Hong Kong and shows Mariupol town at the start of fighting. The filming took place in 2015. “Mariupolis” shows the limits of society in times of a war that is rejected by the mind. The people learn to live with the danger nearby and seem not to notice it. They continue to repair shoes, to fish and to stage concerts on holidays. The film became a symbol of memory of the town that almost disappeared and also cherishes the memory of film director, Lithuanian artist Mantas Kvedaravichyus, who was killed during fighting in Mariupol at the start of this April, when he was filming the war.

The Ukrainian Film Days in Moldova will also include the documentaries “The Living Fire” and “The Babushkas of Chernobyl” and the artistic adventure film “The Inglorious Serfs”. All the films will be screened in the original language with subtitles in Ukrainian.

The Ukrainian Film Days are organized by the National Congress of Ukrainians in Moldova and the Association of the Ukrainian Youth under the aegis of the Embassy of Ukraine in Chisinau with the active assistance of USAID, the Embassy of Sweden in Moldova, Artcor, Mediacor, the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Moldova for Peace, the Community of Ukrainian Women in Moldova, the Online Cinema “Takflix”, World Congress of Ukrainian Youth Organizations and Rotari Club Moldova.

Additional information about the work of the assistance center for Ukrainian refugees situated at 38/1 Drumul Viilor St in Chisinau can be found on facebook.com/ukr.refugees.md/. Tickets for the Ukrainian Film Days can be purchased in advance and before the showing. The program of the Ukrainian Film Days is available on facebook.com/events/505714627711464/505714634378130.

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