Victor Parlicov: Contract with MGRES ensures functionality of Transnistrian region

The contract for the purchase of electrical energy with the Moldovan power plant (MGRES) ensures both small prices for the consumers from the right side of the Nistru and the functionality of the Transnistria region, said Minister of Energy Victor Parlicov. According to him, if a contract for the supply of electricity from the left side of the Nistru wasn’t signed, the Transnistrian region would experience a crisis whose consequences will be dealt with by the constitutional authorities in Chisinau, IPN reports.

Last week, Energocom signed a new contract for the purchase of about 282,000 MWh a month of electricity with MGRES. This amount will ensure over 90% of the electricity needed by the right side of the Nistru. The minister of energy said the transaction is advantageous to both sides of the Nistru.

“Everyone realizes and admits that the electrical energy produced in the Transnistrian region does not have a market price. It wouldn’t be competitive for the Kuchurgan power plant to pay for gas at the correct price of this. As long as there is the possibility for the Transnistrian region to receive, de facto, free gas, the consumers from the right side stand to gain, on the one hand. On the other hand, we must realize that this enables to maintain stability in the Transnistrian region as the electrical energy supplied to the right side is one of the main sources for covering the budget deficit that maintains the functionality of the region,” Victor Parlicov stated in the program “At 360 Degrees” on Radio Moldova station.

The minister noted the accusations about the financing of separatism made by representatives of civil society and of the opposition are pertinent. However, if Tiraspol is unable to sell electricity, the region will experience a humanitarian crisis.

“Some say that we subsidize separatism and they are partially true. But this has happened for tens of years. The consequences of the non-purchase of energy and the renouncing of this contract would mean not only higher prices for the right side, but also that the right side will need to handle the consequences of the crisis that will occur on the left side as the region’s budget revenues depend on this contract,” stated Victor Parlicov.

Under the new contract signed with MGRES, the purchase price is 66 USD/MWh, down US$7 compared with the price for the last four months. The minister of energy said the smaller purchase price could lead to lower power charges for the citizens, but the final decision will be taken soon by the National Agency for Energy Regulation. In situations of emergency, the Agency can review the charges by an accelerated procedure without waiting for 180 days, as the law provides.

Energocom purchases 90% of the electricity needed by the right side of the Nistru from the left side. Also, in April Energocom will buy 17,400 MWh of power from SN Nuclearelectrica SA of Romania, which is 5.5% of the needs. According to the authorities, if need be the company at peak rate can purchase electricity also from the Romanian electricity and gas market operator OPCOM.

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