Doctors about CoronaVac vaccine: Any type of vaccine during a pandemic is welcome

Epidemiologists say there are no reasons for skepticism about the efficiency of the CoronaVac vaccine produced by the Chinese company Sinovac, which the authorities intend to purchase. According to specialists, the people’s opposition to particular vaccines in the Republic of Moldova, which experiences a shortage of vaccines, is unjustified. Doctors say any vaccine approved by the World Health Organization is safe and efficient as they prevent cases of death and serious forms of disease, IPN reports.

Doctors note that studies show the CoronaVac vaccine is 60% efficient after both of the doses are administered and the authorities’ idea to buy this vaccine is a good one. According to them, the vaccine made in China prevents serious forms of disease and the authorities’ goal is to reduce the number of patients in a serious state.

“Yes, it’s true that the efficiently of this vaccine is of 60-63%. For comparison, it should be noted that the efficiency of the flu vaccine is of 50% and we get vaccinated annually. But we have been confronted by flu for years and already have partial collective immunity. The most important role of the vaccine is to prevent serious forms of disease. In the case of vaccination with CoronaVac, the risk of developing a serious form is minimal, while the average and mild forms decline to 78%,” ex-minister of health Liliana Iașan stated in the talk show “Emphasis on Today” on TVR Moldova channel.

Moreover, specialists say that when there is stiff competition for vaccines on the world market, Moldova cannot afford to ignore the offer of the Chinese company Sinovac.

“During a pandemic, any vaccine is welcome. The vaccine Sinopharm, which is also made in China, is now used to vaccinate students and teachers of the University of Medicine. As the other types of vaccine, this is contraindicated to persons under 18 and to those who are allergic to a component of this vaccine,” noted epidemiologist Luara Țurcan.

Initially, the authorities announced plans to purchase 400,000 of doses of CoronaVac vaccine from the Chinese company Sinovac. Later, there was agreed a lot of only 100,000 doses.

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