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List of border crossings where petroleum product imports are allowed to be extended

The Government has endorsed a draft law proposed by the Ministry of Finance extending the list of border crossings through which bringing petroleum products into the country is allowed.

Today, petroleum product imports are allowed, by rail, through the border crossings of Ocnița, Cuciurgan, Etulia, Giurgiulești and Ungheni; and by road through the border crossings of Leuseni/Albita, Tudora/Starokozach’e, Otaci/ Mohyliv-Podilskyi and Pervomaisk–Kuchurgan.

The list is supplemented with the border crossings of Giurgiulești/Galați, Cahul/Oancea, Sculeni/Sculeni, Mirnoe/Tabaki, Vulcănești/Vinohradivka and Giurgiulești-Reni (by road), Basarabeasca/Serpniovo-1 (by rail), and Giurgiulești Port (by sea).

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