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Mayors in 623 localities elected by first round of voting

In 623 localities of Moldova, the mayors were elected by the first round of voting. In another 265 localities, none of the candidates gained more than half of the valid votes cast and runoffs will be held in these in two weeks, IPN reports.

Chairwoman of the Central Election Commission Angelica Caraman told a news conference that the runoff vote will involve the two candidates who obtained the largest number of votes in the first round of voting.

Also, the elections in eight localities in which the turnout of voters was lower than ¼ of the voting-eligible population will be rerun in two weeks. These are Sămănanca village of Orhei district, Cunicea and Nicolaevca villages of Florești district, Aluatu and Salcia villages of Taraclia district, and Chioselia Rusă, Chirsova and Cotovscoe villages of the ATU Gagauzia. “The CEC will order to rerun the elections in these localities in two weeks, based on the same data from the registers of voters, with the same candidates and the same electoral councils and offices,” stated Angelica Caraman.

In accordance with the new provisions of the Electoral Code, the legality of the local elections will be confirmed by the given electoral councils that will make known the elected candidates, will validate the seats of the elected councilors and mayors and will confirm the lists of substitute candidates.

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