Moldovans abroad can use expired passport to vote on July 11

The Moldovans eligible to vote who are outside the country will be able to vote in the snap parliamentary elections of July 11 even if the period of validity of the passport of the citizen of the Republic of Moldova expired. They can also vote with the identity card accompanied by the loose-leaf paper, but this should be valid, or with the sailor’s permit.

The voter’s guidebook designed by the Central Election Commission provides that the Moldovans who intend to vote outside the country on July 11 can go to any polling station established abroad, regardless of the status of their stay on the territory of the host country.

In Moldova, the voters can vote using the identity card with the accompanying the loose-leaf paper, the temporary identity card with the mention of the domicile or with the service member’s permit.

On the election day, polling stations work from 7am until 9pm. If a line of voters is formed at the polling station, the electoral office can extend the voting period by at most two hours.

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