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Moldovans who settled in Spain to benefit from pension

The Moldovans who work in Spain will benefit from pensions and other social benefits. Parliament adopted in two readings the ratification of a relevant agreement between the Republic of Moldova and Spain, IPN reports.

The agreement applies to Moldovan citizens who worked in Spain and also to Spanish citizens who were employed in the Republic of Moldova. It goes to employees, freelancers or detached workers, personnel of international carriers, embassies or consular offices. The beneficiaries can receive old-age pensions, pensions and allowances for general disability or disability caused by accidents at work or occupational diseases and successor’s pensions.

The size of pensions will be calculated proportionally by each state depending on the contributory period on the own territory.

The agreement on social security between the Republic of Moldova and Spain was signed on July 21, 2022. So far Moldova has signed similar agreements with 16 states and 14 of them are in force.

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