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Population urged not to use fireworks

In connection with the winter holidays, the authorities call on the citizens to give up using fireworks as these are dangerous not only for humans, but also for animals, birds and also for the environment as a whole. Therefore, the population is urged to opt for alternatives, such as LED light shows, laser projections or participation in cultural and musical events, IPN reports.

“The authorities call on all citizens and also on economic agents to give up using fireworks on New Year’s Eve, at holidays. This decision is taken in order to protect public health, the safety of pets, birds, as well as to reduce pollutants in the environment,” the Government’s spokesman Daniel Vodă stated in a press conference.

According to him, although fireworks are a visually appealing spectacle, they pose significant risks to humans and animals as they can cause serious injuries. Intense noise leads to severe anxiety and stress in pets and wild animals. Likewise, the noise and light of fireworks can disturb the migration of birds and can cause injuries to them and even their death.

Daniel Vodă noted that the launch of fireworks also impacts the environment as the chemicals and particles released into the air when firecrackers are set off contribute to air pollution, affecting the quality of air and negatively impacting the respiratory health of the population.

“The authorities are encouraging the citizens to adopt safer and greener alternatives to celebrate the coming of the new year, such as LED light shows, laser projections and also participation in cultural and musical events. Through these measures, we want to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all citizens and promote responsible behavior within the community. Together we can make the winter holidays memorable and safe,” stated the spokesman.

Currently, the legislation prohibits the use of pyrotechnic articles in localities at night, from 22.00 to 07.00, except on events of national or international interest. It is also banned selling pyrotechnic articles in markets, through the itinerant trade network or outside authorized commercial units.

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