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Prosecutors ask for ten in jail for ex-mayor Chirtoacă

The former mayor of the municipality of Chisinau Dorin Chirtoacă accuses the prosecutors of asking for ten years behind bars for him in the pay parking case instead of dropping the charges against him. Dorin Chirtoacă considers the case “was fabricated by the political order of gangsters Plahotniuc and Dodon”, IPN reports.

“I proved for the second time, paragraph by paragraph, their false assertions and insinuations. I will not make any comment until the court pronounces its solution,” stated the ex-mayor.

He noted that he will notify again the embassies of EU member states and the U.S. and international organizations of the abuses committed by prosecutors who formed themselves a “mafia” already. “I hope there will also be reactions in society to these deviations from the democratic norms or I can only “thank” for “action” and “solidary”,” stated Dorin Chirtoacă.

A year ago, Dorin Chirtoacă vacated the seat of municipal councilor and the post of president of the Liberal Party, interrupting this way his political and public activity.

The ex-mayor has been investigated in the case of pay parking lots since May 2017. He is accused of passive corruption and of accepting and receiving undue gains through an intermediary.

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