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NAER increases price of electricity supplied by Energocom

The price of the electrical energy delivered by the central power supplier SA Energocom will be 4.33 lei/kWh (without VAT), by 1.09 lei/kWh more than the current price, as the Administration Board of the National Agency for Energy Regulation (NAER) decided on Wednesday, IPN reports.

According to the Agency, the decision to increase the regulated price of electricity was taken based on the regulated price at which power is to be bought from SA Termoelectrica. This is 4.54 lei/kWh, according to the NAER Administration Board’s decision of September 28, 2022, which is by 1.19 lei/kWh higher than the current price. Also, the regulated price at which electricity will be purchased from SA “CET Nord” was set at 4.57 lei/kWh, up 1.46 lei/kWh.

“This way, the setting of the regulated supply price at 4.33 lei/kWh is aimed at ensuring the economic viability of the central power supplier and at strengthening the financial capacities of this so that it is able to fulfill its obligations to purchase electrical energy produced from local sources,” noted NAER.

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