Shor Party’s money is used to undercut rules of democracy, opinion

The words are words but the facts need to be documented. This is how representatives of the government commented on the recent actions of prosecutors and anticorruption officers who found sacks of money that was to be used to pay citizens who take part in the protests staged by the Shor Party. Political commentator Anatol Țăranu said the paid protests are aimed at impeding the European course of the Republic of Moldova, IPN reports.

Representatives of the government noted there were suspicions that the participants in the Shor Party’s protests were paid and these suspicions were yesterday confirmed by the law.

“The people realized that the crisis is not the blame of the government but is due to the Russian Federation. Those form the Shor Party saw that the people do not take to the streets because they understood this aspect and tried to stage paid protests. Everyone knew this. The words are words but the facts need to be documented. And the law enforcement agencies did this. There were identified persons who took bags from one location to another. There was by a person responsible for bribing people and covering transportation costs in each district,” PAS MP Vasile Grădinaru stated in the program “Black Box” on TV8 channel.

For his part, the representative of the “We Build Europe at Home” Party (PACE) that joined in the protests mounted by the Shor Party in central Chisinau said justice is selective and the law should have carried out searches among rulers too.

“Do parties or the people stage protests? When the government makes 2.3 million people poor, everyone should come together in the Great National Assembly Square. There are so many rumors saying that the current government commits acts of corruption. But how many searches involving rulers were carried out? No one. This means that justice is selective. I do not take sides with them. If they are to blame they should answer. There can be persons who were paid if we believe the videos but this does not mean that everyone is paid,” said Denis Roșca of PACE.

Searches in multiple locations across the country on Thursday led to eight people being arrested and a total of 3.5 million lei in cash being seized. The Chief of the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office Veronica Dragalin said the currency was to go to pay participants in the Shor Party’s protests and the carriers transporting them.

“All the responsible bodies worked in concert and ultimately demonstrated to the people. We all suspected that the Shor Party was financed illegally. All the political parties should obey the same rules,” said the president of the Professionals’ Movement “Speranța-Nadejda” Andrei Donică.

“The law did their job and provided evidence of the existence of corruption in the Moldovan political sphere. Personally, I believe the money comes from corruption, is stolen from the citizens. I’m firmly convinced that this money wasn’t earned honesty and is used to undercut the rules of democracy,” said political commentator Anatol Țăranu.

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