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BCS group initiates no-confidence motion

The MPs of the Bloc of Communists and Socialists (BCS) announced their intention to initiate a no-confidence motion. They harshly criticized the government, noting that the Cabinet led by Dorin Recean should leave. According to them, the holding of snap parliamentary and presidential elections is the only solution and the removal of the current Cabinet is the shortest way to snap elections, IPN reports.

The chairman of the Party of Communists Vladimir Voronin said that two years have passed since the snap parliamentary elections. The whole society has waited for good times, but more problems, more shortcomings and situations without any ways out appeared instead. “Instead of concentrating their efforts on improving the situation, those who seized power do what’s possible and impossible to distort the situation, to generate a new social, economic and political crisis,” stated the Communist leader.

“We do not have expectations of this government as we know that they cannot do anything in the economic sector, in the social sector or in the foreign policy sector. Since 2000, Moldova has had 11 Cabinets and 11 Prime Ministers. There were no other worse Governments in the modern history of the Republic of Moldova than the Gavrilița Cabinet and the Recean Cabinet. We see backsliding in all areas,” said the executive secretary of the Party of Socialists Igor Dodon.

The BCS MPs presented in turn initiatives, actions and measures of the government, which they criticized. Deputy Parliament Speaker Vlad Batrîncea said that instead of presenting an exhaustive report, answering MPs’ questions and providing figures and arguments, Premier Recean this Monday presented one more triumphalist report and this shows that the government doesn’t realize in which country they live and what the real problems of the citizens are.

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