Outlook for next few days is much colder and rainy

The weather is expected to change suddenly on March 27-28. It will rain heavily in the morning of March 28, with precipitation of 15-20 liters per square meter in parts. The northeastern wind will intensify to 18-23 meters per second. The average daytime temperature will decline by 5-7°C.

Contacted by IPN for details, the head of the Weather Forecasts Division Gennady Roșca said the sudden change in weather is due to a cyclone covering Central Europe. “The cyclone will enable a mass of cold air and also weather fronts to enter. When these weather fronts pass, precipitation in the form of rain and sleet is expected. There will be sleet mainly in the northern districts and in parts in the central districts,” said the weather forecaster.

The cold weather will persist for three days and it will then gradually grow warmer. Daytime temperatures will rise to about 10°C, while nighttime temperatures will oscillate around 0°C.

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