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Taxi platform holders will be obliged to register these in Moldova

The holders of taxi platforms and applications will be obliged to register these in the Republic of Moldova. A legislative initiative in this regard was presented by PAS MPs Marina Morozova and Alexandr Trubca in a press briefing, IPN reports.

According to Marina Morozova, after registration, these platforms will be fiscally responsible on the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

Taxi operators will allow only vehicles included in the Register of Road Transport Operators to connect to these platforms. For correct monitoring, the platform holders will quarterly present the list of motor vehicles and drivers that operated at least once the past month to the National Road Transport Agency. This way, the inspection bodies will be able to monitor the work of platforms and of drivers.

There are now vehicles providing taxi services which weren’t added to the Register of the National Road Transport Agency. Following these changes, the level of comfort and safety of passengers is expected to rise, stated Marina Morozova.

The bill also stipulates changes to the fiscal regime. According to Alexandr Trubca, it goes to the extension of the taxation instruments and the introduction of modern instruments developed by the State Tax Service. Today, at most 20% of all the taxi trips are taxed in Moldova. The goal is to reach a figure of 70% so as to also ensure the safety of passengers and the quality of services. With a sales slip, the passenger will be able to complain to the Consumer Protection Agency.

It is also proposed excluding the obligation for all drivers to have a certificate of professional competence. Now this certificate will only need to be valid and its validity will be cheeked online. It is also suggested extending the period of validity of this certificate from three to five years.

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