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USAID launches grant program for wine exporters

A 13 million lei grant program to promote Moldovan wine exports and diversify markets has been launched as part of the USAID Rural Competitiveness and Resilience Project. Exporters can access grants of up to one million lei per company, depending on the business category.

Vladimir Bolea, Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry, noted that Moldovan wines have seen a true revolution in recent years, moving from bulk exported wines to quality wines, developing Protected Geographical Indications. Bottled wines account for 43% of the total volume and generate 70% of the total revenues of Moldovan wine exports.

However, remarked Minister Bolea, many wine producers and exporters are experiencing difficulties in accessing new markets, with limited marketing budgets being one of the reasons. “Now is time to learn to sell our wines as advantageously as possible and to make Moldovan wine known on as many international markets as possible. With the support of the grant program for export promotion offered by USAID, we want to advance on the path of Moldovan wine, to generate new investments in rural businesses, create sources of income for the population of Moldova and global prestige for Moldovan wine”, said the minister.

USAID Deputy Head of Mission John Riordan said that USAID remains firmly committed to supporting Moldova’s wine sector. With the 13 million lei offered under the new grant program, the goal is to stimulate the development of the industry, unlock its full potential and position Moldovan wines as globally recognized products. “The aim is to increase sales of high-quality wines in non-traditional markets by supporting the marketing and promotion activities of wine exporters and building a positive image of Moldovan wine”, said John Riordan.

Priority will be given to activities aimed at promoting the premium wine category, with unique and distinct characteristics, especially from local varieties or local selection. About 20 wine companies are expected to benefit from non-reimbursable financial support through this program. The deadline for the grant program is November 30, with submission rounds on July 31, September 29 and November 30.

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