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Farmers warn authorities about large-scale protest

The Council of the Association “Force of Farmers” submitted a series of demands to the authorities in connection with the situation in the agricultural sector, which they consider disastrous. Representatives of the association said that if their demands are not satisfied, they will stage a large-scale protest together with other agricultural organizations, IPN reports.

“The situation in the agricultural sector has worsened as a result of the continuous rise in the prices of inputs, the problems related to lending to the sector and the increasing prices of agricultural raw material. This does not refer to the prices of finished agrifood products for the population. Many small farmers do not have minimum resources to start spring field works,” stated the “Force of Farmers”.

The members of the Council noted that in other countries in which the famers also feel the pressure of the invasion of cheap agricultural products from Ukraine, the agricultural producers mount economic protests and the authorities identify additional resources to compensate farmers for their losses. The Association requested the Government to ask the foreign partners to ensure access to additional funds intended for agriculture, including to support in the form of diesel fuel from Romania for small famers.

The farmers call on the authorities to come up with measures until February 15. Also, the “Force of Farmers” decided to call upon agricultural associations to come together for a common meeting on February 6 to consider staging a large-scale protest if no progress is made in satisfying their demands.

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