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Primary Source: Power shut down automatically to protect grid

The Russian bombardment of Ukrainian power facilities led to disruptions of electricity supplies to Moldova, as the grids of both countries are interconnected.  The critical situation in Ukraine led to an automatic shutdown of a transit line through which electricity is imported from Romania. This answer was provided by the Government’s Telegram account Primary Source to the question: “Why was electric power cut off in Moldova if it is imported from Romania and the Russian bombings take place in Ukraine?”

“This shutdown occurred to protect grids and power stations from overloading. Had this automatic disconnection not occurred, power facilities could have been seriously affected and the outages would have lasted longer”, said the authorities.

The shutdown in the Moldovan grid occurred at 2:23 PM, according to the distribution utility Premier Energy. Electricity supply has been restored in some areas, including in Chisinau, while others remain in the dark.

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