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Six firefighting teams involved in fire extinguishing operation at Giurgiulești Port

A large fire started at the grain storage facility of the Giurgiulești International Free Port in southern Moldova, IPN reports.

The General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations said the fire started after a sunflower groats storage tower collapsed following the smoldering of over 1,000 tonnes of sunflower groats.

Six firefighting and rescue teams with 20 members struggled to contain the blaze. No one was hurt in the fire. The firefighting are taking all the necessary measures to alleviate the consequences of the fire.

On September 15, the Port reported the first fire with the collapse of two metal silos with sunflower groats with the volume of 1,200 m3 each. As a result, the technological process of keeping the groats in another four silos situated nearby was disturbed. On November 13, the temperature inside two of the four silos rose to 100℃, while on December 30, during an operation to take the groats out of the towers, one of the silos caught fire.

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