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Swine fever detected in Drochia

Swine fever has been detected among the pigs of a household in Mândâc village, Drochia district. Lab tests confirmed the virus in the collected samples.

The Drochia authorities convened the district’s Emergencies Committee after being notified of the detection, and an intervention plan has been approved as a result.

The National Food Safety Agency said in a press release that an epidemiological probe is under way. The movement of pigs from non-professional facilities to slaughterhouses and markets has been restricted, and the marketing of products and subproducts originating from such pigs has been prohibited.

The Agency urges pig owners to urgently inform their veterinarians or the local authorities whenever a pig gets sick or dies. Pig owners are also asked to avoid feeding their pigs table scraps or freshly harvested grains.

Members of the public are asked to report any finds of wild boar remains. Moreover, the Agency promises up to 50 euros in reward for each located wild boar corpse.

While harmless to humans, swine fever is highly contagious and deadly for both domestic and feral swine.

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