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Gas bills will contain new data as from September

Starting with September, the gas bills issued to consumers will contain new data. In connection with the conversion of gas units to kilowatt-hour (kWh), the bills will show the consumed amount of gas both in cubic meters, according to meter readings, and the equivalent in kWh and the superior calorific value, IPN reports.

The president of the Administration Board of Moldovagaz SA Vadim Ceban earlier said that the process of reading meters for consumers will not change. As previously, the data will be taken in cubic meters because all the meters show the data in cubic meters. However, to inform gas consumers, the equivalent of consumption in kWh will also be indicated.

The metering of natural gas in kilowatt/megawatt-hour is an EU practice that ensures more precise gas measurement in the delivery-receipt of gas at border interconnection points, on the wholesale market and in the gas distribution process. To convert gas units to kWh, the cubic meters are multiplied by the calorific value.

Moldovagaz said the natural gas consumption will be calculated in kWh after the normative framework is modified and the company’s information program is adjusted after the regulatory authority sets the prices for end users per unit of energy (kWh).

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