Maia Sandu signs decree to nominate Natalia Gavrilița for premiership

President Maia Sandu, after consultations with the parliamentary groups held today, signed a decree to nominate Natalia Gavrilița as Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova, IPN reports, quoting the presidential press service.

Natalia Gavrilița has two weeks to form the team and to work out the government program that she will present to Parliament.

President Sandu said she is fully confident that the Prime Minister designate will come with an upright and professional team and in at most two weeks the Republic of Moldova will have a new Government and this will mean a new start for the country.

“The people expect changes for the better and firm action and competent decisions that would focus on citizens’ interests are needed for the purpose,” stated Maia Sandu.

Natalia Gavrilița is the PAS’s candidate for Prime Minister. She served as minister of finance in the Sandu Government and worked for the London-based Global Innovation Fund. In 2013-2015, she worked for the Ministry of Education in Chisinau. Before this, she served for the Government and for the Ministry of Economy and Trade.

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