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Natalia Gavrilița: We managed to restore foreign partners’ confidence

The rise in pensions, the partial subsidization of natural gas bills and the restoration of Moldova’s credibility at foreign level are the most important accomplishments of the Cabinet. Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilița summed up the results of the year and said that the Government managed to take the Republic of Moldova out of international isolation and to bring into the state budget important sums of money offered to the citizens in non-reimbursable assistance by the foreign partners, IPN reports.

Premier Gavrilița said the multiple visits paid by Moldovan officials abroad ended with the obtaining of concrete financial support from Moldova’s foreign partners. Such important assistance wouldn’t have been provided if the international financial institutions hadn’t fully trusted the good intentions of the Moldovan government.

“We managed to restore the country’s credibility and to ensure foreign partners’ confidence in the Government. This year already, we received US$100 million in non-reimbursable assistance. When the citizens get the bill, they will see a part of the money provided by the Government as subsidy and this is the European Union’s funds that came as assistance. The decision for the European Union to offer €60 million fir overcoming the energy crisis was taken in October and the money entered the budget in November already. All the European institutions took swift action. Without contacts, without visits, such a speed and such support wouldn’t have been possible,” Natalia Gavrilița stated in the talk show “Moldova Live” on the public TV channel.

The official said the justice sector reform, decisional transparency, improvement of the budgetary process, reformation of state-run enterprises by ensuring efficient  management are the main conditionality elements agreed with the international organizations for unlocking the financial assistance.

“From the very first months, we managed to agree a new program with the IMF, which was approved by the IMF Executive Board now, at the end of December. This program will bring US$590 million in budget financing during the next few years. This money will come in addition to the €600 million offered by the European Union for economic recovery. The thermal insulation of hospitals that will start next year will be financed with this money. If we look behind and see what conditions were earlier imposed by the European Union, we see that they were in accordance with our government program. We speak about transparency in the procurement process, the justice sector reform, the planned assessment of judges that was included in the program with the IMF. These conditionality elements are sensible,” stated Natalia Gavrilița.

According to the official, 2022 will be the year of authentic reforms in the justice sector. The bill concerning the pre-vetting of the potential members of the Superior Council of Magistracy and the Superior Council of Prosecutors is one of the Executive’s priorities next year. The document is now under public consultation and is to be approved in January. The process of assessing judges and prosecutors will start in the first quarter of 2022.

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