Veaceslav Platon offered ten days to return to Moldova, judges interrupt hearing

The Buiucani branch of the Chisinau City Court today interrupted the hearing in which they were to take a decision following the anticorruption prosecutor’s request to issue a warrant for the arrest of Veaceslav Platon and to list him wanted. Veaceslav Platon was offered ten days to appear before the judges. The hearing was adjourned until August 12, IPN reports.

According to Veaceslav Platon’s lawyer Alexandr Bodnariuc, his client didn’t comer to the hearing because he knew that this will not take place. The continuation of the hearing in the absence of Veaceslav Platon wasn’t discussed in the morning. They started from the imposition of a preventive measure against him. Political influence is being exerted in this case.

The lawyer noted he will tell his client about the hearing’s results and this will decide whether he will return to the country during the next ten days or not. His client does not intend to avoid legal responsibility and left the country for person al reasons. He does not know his current whereabouts.

Alexandr Bodnariuc said the period of ten days offered by the court keeps them in a state of suspense as the request to put his client on the wanted list made by Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office hasn’t been yet examined.

The Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office earlier today requested the judges to put Veaceslav Platon on the wanted list after this didn’t show up at the hearing in the retried case of active corruption and swindle.

The case was sent back by the Chisinau Appeals Court for retrial on January 30, 2020. Veaceslav Platon is accused of corrupting two guards of the Special Detachment “Pantera” of the Department of Penitentiary Institutions, who escorted him to courts of law, in December 2016. He is also accused of organizing the stealing of money from the accounts of three insurance companies in 2016, when he served as manager with majority shareholdings in these companies.

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